Charlotte REALTORS Visit Raleigh for NCAR Legislative Day

Charlotte REALTORS join Speaker Thom Tillis, Representatives Bill Brawley & Charles Jeter, and NAR President Gary Thomas on the NCGA House floor.

More than 50 Realtors® and commercial brokers from the Charlotte area traveled to Raleigh to participated in NCAR’s annual Legislative Day on Wednesday, April 24.

Following a visit with Speaker Thom Tillis on the House floor, Realtors® met with a number of Mecklenburg County legislators, including Representatives Bill Brawley, Ruth Samuelson, Charles Jeter, and Rob Bryan, while also sitting down with Senators Dan Clodfelter, Bob Rucho and Jeff Tarte.  They also met with former REBIC staff member Andy Munn, now Chief of Policy for the Speaker of the House.

REALTORS talk Tax Reform with Sen. Bob Rucho in Raleigh

Most of the conversations centered around Tax Reform, and the concerns that NCAR has with the proposals to eliminate the Mortgage Interest Deduction (MID) and institute a statewide Business License Fee. Realtors® also discussed the residential aesthetics bill (H 150) and legislation that would curtail Charlotte’s Rental Registration program. In addition, a group vsiting with Representative Bill Brawley also heard a comprehensive explanation of why he supports legislation to create a Charlotte Airport Authority.

Thanks to all the Realtors® who made the trip to Raleigh to talk to our legislators about the issues that matter to the residential and commercial real estate industries!

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