Rental Registration Bill Would Require Significant Changes in Charlotte Program

A bill that would place restrictions on local Rental Registration programs such as Charlotte’s will have its first hearing in the House Government Committee this Thursday at 10 a.m.

HB 773, introduced by State Representative Bill Brawley (R – Matthews), would modify a state law approved 2 years ago that allows local governments to require registration of rental property owners and to inspect unsafe or hazardous properties in designated, blighted areas.

Many of the changes that the bill would require were already achieved here in Charlotte, as REBIC worked with City Council and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) over the past year. But others would require substantive changes in CMPD’s program.

If HB 773 passes both chambers and is signed by Governor McCrory, it would prohibit local governments from engaging in the the following:

    Requiring registration of any rental properties other than those that have more than 3 code violations within a 12-month period or fall within the worst 4 percent of properties with crime/disorder problems citywide. Currently, Charlotte’s ordinance requires ALL rental properties to register with CMPD.Requiring that proof of registration be posted in a conspicuous location inside a private home that is being leased. The bill would also prohibit local governments from requiring that a registration certificate be posted in an apartment community leasing office, as well.Provide that any violation of a Rental Registration ordinance is punishable as a criminal offense.

For those properties that fall into the 4 percent disorder threshold, the bill would mandate that CMPD and other local law enforcement agencies assist the landlord or property owner in addressing any criminal activity and supporting evictions of tenants charged with a crime.

REBIC and the North Carolina Association of REALTORS (NCAR) support HB 773 and will continue to advocate for its passage.


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