Charlotte Community Safety Committee Supports Changes to Rental Registration Ordinance

During the 2016 legislative session, the North Carolina General Assembly passed legislation restricting a local government’s authority to impose rental registration ordinances.  Several years ago the City of Charlotte enacted its Residential Rental Registration and Remedial Action Program and is now considering revisions due to the passage of the new law.  Session Law 2016-122 does the following :

    regulates rental registration programs and ordinances throughout the state;prohibits mandatory rental property registration and criminal penalties for violations;allows local governments to force property owners to register when their properties fall within the top 10% of of all properties where crimes occur; andallows civil penalties to be imposed.

During yesterday’s meeting of the Community Safety Committee, staff proposed several changes in order to come into compliance with state law:

    conform the ordinance to only require registration when the risk threshold is met;eliminate criminal penalties and replace them with civil penalties of $50 per occurrence; andremove subsection of ordinance requiring posting proof of registration.

The Committee voted unanimously to recommend the revisions to the full City Council.  A presentation will be made to the Council at its next regularly scheduled meeting with a vote likely to follow.

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