BDC Green Lights Addition of 26 New Code Enforcement Positions

On Monday the Building Development Commission (BDC) voted to support a staff proposal that recommends adding twenty-six new positions to Mecklenburg County’s Code Enforcement Division.  The proposal comes as staff has had difficulty keeping up with the increased volume of projects around the city.  Many of these projects have been large multifamily, highly complex, or high rise buildings and the department anticipates a 30-40% increase in workload in the next fiscal year.  The new positions include the following:

    10 Mega Inspector/Plans Examiners5 Inspector I (Veterans Program)10 Inspector III1 Plans Facilitator

The additional hires are likely to cost (salaries, benefits, equipment including trucks, etc.) the department an additional $2.4 million dollars in the next fiscal year which begins July 1st of 2017.  The recommendation from the BDC now heads to the full board of the Mecklenburg County Commissioners for a vote which is likely to take place in the next couple of weeks.

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