City Planning Department Announces Changes to Rezoning Schedule

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department recently announced some changes to the  City’s rezoning process and calendar. The key changes include:

    Initial comments from staff to the petitioner will be sent one week earlier, roughly four to five weeks after the initial submittal.Submittal of site plans for public hearing will be required one week earlier, to allow staff to get the list of outstanding issues to the petitioner earlier.The site plan submittal deadline for Zoning Committee will occur on the Monday one week after the public hearing, instead of the Thursday of the week of the hearing, to allow for the petitioner to have additional time to address issues discussed at the hearing.The Zoning Committee meeting has been moved back six days (to the Tuesday fifteen days after the hearing) to allow more time for staff to prepare for the meeting and to work with the petitioner to finalize any remain issues.

REBIC is continuing to work with planning staff to improve the rezoning and plan review process, and welcomes any feedback you can provide on your experience with the process.

To see the list of changes as well as the new 2017 rezoning calendar thru June, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact Tammie Keplinger, Rezoning Program Manager, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department at 704-336-5967 or [email protected].

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