York County Contemplates Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance

Earlier this week, the York County Council discussed the potential for drafting an Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (APFO), which would put a freeze on any new development in areas where public infrastructure capacity was deemed to be insufficient to accommodate new growth.

This week’s discussion follows a January 19th meeting of the Council’s Transportation Committee, where members raised concerns about how the County would prioritize and pay for badly needed transportation infrastructure. Planning Staff was asked to research the development of an APFO and provide a presentation to the full Council. The memo outlining their research was distributed at Monday night’s meeting.

The Council appeared divided this week on whether to move forward with an APFO, but all appeared to favor the development of a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), to identify an improvement schedule and potential funding sources.  But while the APFO appears to be stalled for now, but could come back at any time for further action.  Following the discussion, it was determined a CIP would be developed in conjunction with the Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Budget.

The drafting of an APFO would likely be accompanied by a temporary residential building moratorium in parts of fast-growing York County, and both proposals were fiercely opposed Monday night by representatives from REBIC and the York County HBA, who spoke at the hearing.

REBIC will continue to track these issues and work with decision makers to find solutions to some of the challenges facing York County.

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