Town of Mooresville Implementing Comprehensive Housing Strategy

Following a nearly year-long data gathering effort which was followed by another year of additional research on how its strategy may be implemented, the Town of Mooresville appears ready to move ahead with some ambitious plans.  Working with some non-profit groups, as well as private developers, the Town is pulling the trigger on agreements to provide several hundred additional workforce housing units to members of the community in the coming months.  Final details are not yet available, but Mooresville seems to be moving in the right direction in terms of implementing the recommendations of the “Mooresville Comprehensive Housing Strategy–Housing Needs Assessment (Final Report)”.

Conducted as a collaboration between the Town of Mooresville and the Centralina Council of Governments (the Carolina Regional Realtors® Association and North Carolina Association of Realtors® provided some of the funding for the study and REBIC was represented on the Steering Committee), the assessment lays out several recommendations to insure the Town has the types and amounts of housing stock to meet future needs as residents age in place and as growth continues at a steady pace.  The two main recommendations were as follows:

    Conduct Rehabilitation and RedevelopmentEncourage Low to Moderate Income Housing

In recent years, Mooresville has seen a number of new housing developments built with price points at the higher end of the spectrum, but seems to be lagging in housing stock available for those earning at or slightly below the Area Median Income (AMI).  The report also suggested offering developers density bonuses and fee waivers to encourage this type of development.

We look forward to continuing to work with the Town Commission and members of the staff as they seek to meet the Town’s future housing needs.

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