Should Changes Be Made to Charlotte’s PED Overlay? The City Wants to Hear from YOU

Charlotte is considering changes to the PED Overlay, which would impact properties along Morehead Street in the Dilworth neighborhoodPhoto Credit:

The Charlotte Planning Department is considering changes to the Pedestrian Overlay Zoning District (PED) in the Dilworth area, and wants to hear from stakeholders before moving forward.

The PED was first approved in 1999 and has been utilized in numerous areas of the City to promote walkable, mixed-use development. In exchange for its higher-density by-right zoning, developers are required to meet enhanced building design standards and construct a pedestrian-friendly streetscape.

While no language in the ordinance ever explicitly said there was no “maximum residential density” within the PED overlay, unlimited density has been granted over time as standard practice. As a practical matter, though, residential density is limited through the overlay’s building heights and setbacks.

During a public hearing earlier this year, a small but vocal group of Dilworth residents expressed concerns about the PED and how it might allow future high-density building projects along East Morehead. These concerns were raised less than 18 months after the adoption of the Midtown-Morehead-Cherry Area Plan, which reflected a community consensus that the PED be overlaid on large portions of the Morehead Street corridor.

It is REBIC’s position that the PED appears to be working in its current form, and that no changes are needed at this time. We are also opposed to amending an Area Plan so soon after its adopted with near the unanimous consensus of all the involved stakeholders.

As it considers whether or not to propose any changes to the PED, Charlotte’s planning staff is conducting in-person interviews with property owners, residents and other stakeholders who live in the Midtown or Dilworth communities. These meetings will be held over the next two weeks — anyone who is still interested in signing up for an interview should e-mail Senior Planner Michelle Jones as soon as possible. If you have additional questions about the process, please e-mail Rob Nanfelt at REBIC.

You can download planning staff’s most recent presentation on the PED Overlay HERE.

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