Mint Hill Proposing Changes to Zoning Review Process

The Town of Mint Hill is proposing changes to its zoning review process that would reduce the number of meetings a developer needs to attend to receive an approval. If the changes are approved, they would eliminate the need for the Town’s Planning Board to hold a public hearing on the case before making a recommendation to the Board of Commissioners. A single hearing would then be held before the Town Board, which would have the option of voting on the application that night or sending the case back to the Planning Board for one additional review. In effect, the proposal could save developers a month on their zoning application, and reduce the number of required meetings from 3 to 2.

REBIC supports the proposed changes, and spoke in favor of their adoption at a public hearing earlier this month. The Town Board will vote to adopt the changes at its April 12 regular meeting. You can review the proposal HERE.


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