Huntersville Approves Changes to Bonding Policy

The Huntersville Board of Commissioners this week approved a change to its Bonding program, and will now allow developers to request acceptance of completed streets as early as 60% build-out by posting a two-year Maintenance Bond. Previously, the Town would not accept new streets until a project reached 75% density. Under the new policy, developers can now choose whichever option is more economical for them.

REBIC supported the proposal, but believes additional policy changes are needed to make the town’s bonding requirements more conducive to economic development. We will continue to encourage the commissioners to make further amendments to allow earlier acceptance of road improvements, and to enforce the installation of street trees through the CO process instead of through a bond. Read our letter to Mayor Jill Swain and the Town Board HERE. The ordinance changes are listed on the fourth and fifth pages of the Board agenda, HERE.

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