Home Builders Visit Raleigh To Educate Lawmakers On Legislative Priorities

The Home Builders Association of Greater Charlotte (HBAGC) joined colleagues from across the state in Raleigh this week to advocate for issues impacting the industry. In particular, home builder members spoke with NC House members about supporting the Continuing Education for General Contractors legislation (SB 55), which will require eight hours of continuing education annually for license renewal.

Meeting with Gaston County Representatives Dana Bumgardner and John Torbett, builders discussed SB 355 — Land Use Regulatory Changes, which would providing better protections to landowners and their property rights.

Members also met with Mecklenburg Representatives Chaz Beasley and Christy Clark who were interested in the industry’s efforts to make housing more affordable, including SB 313 — Performance Guarantee to Streamline Affordable Housing. The bill would maintain that the duration of a performance guarantee is only for one year, unless the developer determines that the scope of work for the required improvements necessitates a longer duration and an objective standard is set for its release.

Finally, members had a very productive discussion with Senator Jeff Jackson of Mecklenburg County about how the industry and the state can work together to ensure housing affordability. In addition, there was discussion surrounding HB 675 — Building Code Regulatory Reform Act of 2019, which is the industry’s annual legislation that addresses a wide range of issues which builders have faced during development and construction phases.

Thanks to all the HBA members who took time out of their busy schedules to make the trip to Raleigh!

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