City Unveils Proposed Revisions to PCCO Mitigation Fee Program

Charlotte Storm Water staff last week unveiled their proposed amendments to the Mitigation Fee program that gives developers an alternative approach to meeting the on-site storm water requirements of the Post-Construction Controls Ordinance (PCCO) on redevelopment sites.

The changes, which were approved by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Advisory Committee (SWAC), would extend the existing program for another 5 years while adding a new requirement for the use of low-cost, onsite control measures (ie, catch basin inserts) for redevelopment projects with surface parking. Estimates provided last week indicate these measures would add between $2,000 and $3,000 per acre in compliance cost, plus another $1,000 per year for maintenance.

In proposing the changes, staff would also clarify for City Council the scope of its existing administrative review process for Mitigation Fee applications.

Council last month unanimously approved a six-month extension of the PCCO Mitigation Fee program, but asked staff to spend the summer evaluating the effectiveness of the program and determining whether a case-by-case review of each application would be more effective. REBIC supports the program in its current form, and will continue to work with staff and Council to ensure its re-authorization with minimal changes.

The staff proposal will go to Council’s Environment Committee on August 13th, and could come before the full Council for a vote in September or October.

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