City Considering Storm Water Fee Hike, But Credits Stay in Place

Mecklenburg County and the City of Charlotte have postponed any revisions to their Storm Water Fee Credit program indefinitely, ensuring that commercial and residential property owners won’t see a reduction in their credits anytime in the foreseeable future.

However, City staff is requesting a 5.5% increase in all storm water fees for FY 2014, which begins July 1. If approved by City Council, the monthly per-acre fee for commercial properties would increase from $125.70 to $131.56. The Storm Water Advisory Committee raised concerns about the hike at its February 21st meeting and will discuss the issue again in March.

The proposed fee credit revisions were initiated with the intent of creating a new fee methodology that would better reflect the requirements of the current Storm Water BMP Manual used by the county.  REBIC’s main concerns with the proposal were the lack of a provision to grandfather all current recipients of a storm water fee credit, as well as planned reduction of the maximum available fee credit, which can now be as high as 100%.

For a copy of the current Fee Credit Manual and an application form to see if you can reduce the storm water fees on your property, click HERE.

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