York County Council Kills Proposed Moratorium

During last night’s meeting of the York County Council, a building moratorium originally proposed by Council Member Michael Johnson was defeated on a 4-3 vote.  The Council was considering the ordinance on second reading when Johnson suggested modifying it to only include suspending the acceptance of rezoning applications.

Council Members Williams, Winkler, and Roddy all argued the modification would result in an ordinance with no teeth and that it did not make sense to proceed.  Chairman Blackwell had been opposed to the moratorium from the beginning and joined the other three in voting down the measure.  All referenced the ongoing efforts to improve the Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA) process as well as the future adoption of a Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) as better ways to manage current and future growth.

We will continue to monitor the actions of the Council in this fast-growing and vibrant area of the Charlotte Region.

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