Town of Stallings to Consider Residential Rezoning Moratorium Monday Night

The Stallings Town Council will hold a public hearing and vote on a 15-month Residential Development Moratorium next Monday, May 9th, at 7 p.m. 

According to the planning director’s memo in the Council’s agenda packet, the reasons for the moratorium are, “(i) the Town has experienced rapid growth in single family residential subdivisions, particularly with small lot sizes and high density; (ii) this growth has caused overcrowding in the County’s public schools, a strain on water pressure and other services, and increased traffic on congested roads in the Town; and (iii) the Town’s land use ordinances are out of date and not designed to control the rapid growth that has occurred.”

lf adopted, the ordinance would apply to all single family residential development on lots less than one (1) acre in size, and all multifamily development. The moratorium would expire on August 9, 2017, if adopted for the proposed time period of 15 months.

The memo says the Town will use the 15-month moratorium to adopt a Comprehensive Land Use Plan to manage future growth.

North Carolina law, however, specifically prohibits cities and counties from adopting temporary moratoria ‘for the purpose of developing and adopting new or amended plans or ordinances as to residential uses.’ (G.S. 153A-340(h))

REBIC strongly believes this proposed moratorium is illegal, and will communicate our opposition to the Town Council ahead of Monday night’s vote.

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