Town of Mooresville to Launch Community Housing Assessment with Funding from Realtors®

The Mooresville Board of Commissioners this week will approve an agreement with the Centralina Council of Governments to undertake a multi-year Community-based Housing Strategy project, funded by public and private dollars, including support from the Charlotte Regional REALTOR® Association (CRRA) and the National Association of Realtors® (NAR).

A pilot initiative created through the CONNECT Our Future regional planning initiative, the Housing Strategy will evaluate Mooresville’s existing housing stock, its projected rate of population and job growth, and its economic development goals, to develop a plan for overcoming gaps and barriers in providing the housing needed to accommodate future demand.

When a Community‐based Housing Strategy is in place, the Town of Mooresville will be able to:

    Match housing goals to the needs of specific housing market segments and provide a clearpath for implementing those goals;Build public and elected official awareness of housing challenges and opportunities andbuild public/political will to support solutions acceptable within the community;Provide continuity to goal‐directed housing efforts as new officials are elected;Work more effectively with REALTORS®, home builders and developers, streamliningapproval processes aligned with housing goals, reducing risk and enhancing predictability;Help develop better quality housing that meets their community goals for current andfuture residents;Support residents’ quality of life through life‐cycle housing that enables aging in place.

Phase 1 of the study, beginning this Spring, will define the community’s housing needs and challenges through an in‐depth quantitative housing and extensive public engagement. This phase is projected to cost roughly $30,000, $5,000 of which will be provided through a Housing Opportunity grant by NAR and CRRA.

As a partner in the CONNECT Housing Work Group, REBIC will work closely with Centralina and the Town of Mooresville to ensure the success of the Housing Strategy effort, in the hopes that it will serve as a model for other communities around the Charlotte Region.

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