Town of Matthews to Allow Expanded Use of Real Estate Signage

Beginning April 1st, the Town of Matthews will allow Realtors® and home builders to use Weekend Directional Signs to market their homes, after the Board of Commissioners adopted a Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) that removes restrictions that had been in place for years.

is in the process of bringing together all of its land use regulations into one comprehensive document. The Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) combines zoning and subdivision regulations, with stormwater codes, minimum housing provisions, and flood prevention regulations. A draft of the document may be found HERE.

REBIC staff is in the process of reviewing the document and will provide comments to the Town Council at the initial public hearing on Monday, October 14th at 7:00 p.m.

We we support the concept of the UDO, we have concerns with some of the language in the draft, particularly in the section regulating signage. However, from discussions we have had over the past few months with the Mayor and members of Council, we are hopeful that the Town will consider adopting a new program allowing Weekend Directional Signs (WEDS) for home builders in conjunction with the UDO.

The UDO is expected to come up for a vote in November, with implementation set for January 2015. In addition to consolidating the Town’s existing zoning and development language in a single document, it also creates a number of “conditional-only” zoning districts that would more easily accommodate a mix of uses and home styles. Zoning to one of these districts would be voluntary on the part of the property owner or developer, and would require compliance with street layout and non-residential building design standards established in the code.

We would very much appreciate your thoughts on the draft UDO so we may assist in communicating your concerns to Council and staff as the process plays out. If you have any input, questions, or concerns, please contact Rob Nanfelt, REBIC Government Affairs Manager, [email protected] or (720) 771-3825. You are also encouraged to attend Monday night’s public hearing to share your thoughts with Council.


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