Town of Huntersville Amends Ordinance to Remove Protest Petition

On Monday evening the Huntersville Board of Commissioners adopted a text amendment removing protest petitions from its zoning ordinance. Nearly a year ago, Governor Pat McCrory signed into law HB 201, ‘Zoning Changes/Citizen Input’, which repealed the North Carolina Protest Petition statute and eliminated a tool frequently used by neighborhood groups to force concessions from property owners and developers.

HB 201 eliminated a longstanding state law that allowed as few as 5 percent of the neighbors within 100′ of a proposed development to file a petition that would force the applicant to secure a supermajority of affirmative votes from the city or town council for rezoning approval. In the Town of Huntersville, this meant a petitioner had to secure 5 of 7 Commission votes for a rezoning to be approved.

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