NCGA Approves Landlord/Tenant Law Changes; Copper Theft Bill Advances

The North Carolina General Assembly approved a bill this week that makes changes to the law governing the landlord/tenant relationship, simplifying the often-cumbersome eviction process and giving landlords greater flexibility in the use of a security deposit.  Supported by the North Carolina Association of Realtors (NCAR) and the North Carolina Apartment Association (NCAA), HB 493 also gives landlords greater latitude in removing a tenant’s personal property after their eviction or death. The bill passed both chambers unanimously, and is expected to be signed by the Governor.

Another important industry bill also made progress this week: HB 199, the Metal Theft Protection Act of 2012, would strengthen criminal penalties against anyone who purchases stolen copper wiring and other regulated nonferrous metals for recycling. The bill, which passed the House in 2011, was approved by a Senate Judiciary committee on Thursday, and now goes to the floor for a final vote.

REBIC is also continuing to press for passage of legislation that would prohibit towns and cities from regulating the architectural and aesthetic design of new homes (SB 731), and for changes to a law approved last session (SB 683) that would limit the ability of local governments to enact sweeping Rental Registration programs (like the one recently approved by the Charlotte City Council). We will continue to keep you posted on the progress of both as they move through the General Assembly in the coming weeks. By all indications, the 2012 Legislative Session will likely adjourn  sometime during the week of June 18.


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