Mecklenburg County to Update Building Valuation Data Table

As occurs every three years, the Building Valuation Data (BVD) table has been updated and a new table will go into effect July 1, 2016.

The Building Valuation Data table is used in the process of pulling a permit and assessing permit fees. It serves as the guide to help customers estimate the value of the construction for which they are seeking a permit, based on occupancy and construction type.

The Building Valuation Data table is part of the permit fee schedule from LUESA’s fee ordinance, which is listed on (for the current fiscal year). On July 1, the permit fee schedule will be updated with new data that reflects the new BVD table which is available here.

If you have questions about the pending changes or how to estimate permit fees, please contact the Documents & Inspection staff at 980-314-CODE and select option 2, and then option 2 again.

(Source:  Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement)

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