Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement Plans July 1st Launch of Multi-Family Mega Team Initiative

Mecklenburg County’s ‘Mega Team’ Inspection program for multi-family projects should get a soft roll-out this summer, according to a presentation made to the Board of County Commissioners this week.

The Mega Multi-family Team, which is expected to launch July 1st, will merge Plan Review and Inspections under one umbrella, with the primary goal of reducing inconsistencies between the two. The job of the Team Manager will be to ‘advocate for the project’, from design and construction to the issuance of an Occupancy Certificate.

“It’s focused on project-customer success,” Code Enforcement Director Patrick Granson told the Board Tuesday night, “increasing transparency, communication and accountability as we go through the process.”

Earlier this year, the County approved 30 new Code Enforcement positions for the new Mega Team, and 19 have filled to date. Some of these positions were shifted from other areas of the Department, while others are new, outside hires. Granson said the new team will use Microsoft Surface Pro tablets to create a seamless technology platform for both plan review and field inspections.

REBIC supports the Mega Team program, and will continue to work with County staff to improve the plan review and inspections process for the industry.

You can read more about the Mega Team program, as well as other Code Enforcement initiatives, on the County’s website.

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