LUESA Working to Fix Issues with Electronic Plan Review

Mecklenburg County LUESA is working to fix issues that have cropped up with its Electronic Plan Management (EPM) system since the service was introduced in January, and has assured REBIC that improvements are on the way.

In recent weeks, developers and engineers began to raise concerns that they weren’t receiving e-mail notifications that record plat redlines were ready for their review. Because of this, the timeframe for record plat approval was stretching beyond the department’s goal of 10 business days, impacting the ability of builders to sell their homes.

In a meeting with REBIC last week, LUESA Director Dave Canaan said he and his staff were working to determine why e-mail notifications were not being sent to the engineer or surveyor when a redlined plat was ready for their review. This feature was touted as one of the benefits of the EPM system, and Canaan said he hopes to have the problem remedied in the next few weeks. Until then, engineers and developers are encouraged to log into the system on a daily basis to check the status of their plans. LUESA is also working on a simplified online application form for the submission of record plats, and exploring ways to allow the system to send out e-mail notifications to multiple parties, so the project owner can be kept up to date along with the engineer.

REBIC will continue to work with LUESA to improve the electronic plan review process, and welcomes your input and suggestions on ways in which the system could be made more effective. Please e-mail your ideas to [email protected], or leave a comment on this post.

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