License Reciprocity Changes for North and South Carolina

As of February 29, North Carolina will be terminating the license reciprocity system it has had with other states.  Effective March 1, 2012, an out-of-state licensee (sometimes referred to in rules and regulations as “a foreign broker”) can obtain a North Carolina license by demonstrating that he/she has a license in good standing from their state and by passing the North Carolina specific portion of the real estate exam.  Also effective March 1, the North Carolina real estate licensing exam will be comprised of two parts:  the national portion of the exam which tests on non-state specific topics common in real estate and a North Carolina specific portion, which covers license law, state statutes and typical practices. Nonresident licensees will to continue to renew their nonresident North Carolina licenses without additional requirements.

South Carolina has informed North Carolina that they will honor fully completed requests for reciprocity until February 28.  SC nonresident licensees will receive renewal notices in the spring, renewing as they have in the past without any additional requirements.  Effective 3/1/12, any agent in North Carolina wishing to apply for a SC  license will need  to take the SC  portion of the state exam in order to obtain South Carolina nonresident license.

This process is the most common manner in which states are licensing nonresident licensees.

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