Huntersville Town Board Approves Zoning Changes, Denies Joint Public Hearings Amendment

The Huntersville Town Board voted Monday night to approve two text amendments that will allow for slightly higher density developments in areas currently zoned as Transitional Residential and as Rural.

The adoption of Text Amendment 13-05 and Text Amendment 14-02 will allow developers greater flexibility as they consider building future developments on the eastern and western edges of Huntersville. Under both provisions, density bonuses will be granted to those who are willing to set aside greater areas of open space.

The Board also acted to deny a proposal that would have eliminated the requirement for the Town Board and the Planning Board to hold joint hearings on future text amendments and rezoning requests.  Under the provision, public hearings would have only been held at the Town Board level and would have increased the processing speed for zoning and rezoning requests by some two to three weeks.

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