Councilmembers Receive Update on Permitting and Inspection Review

At a meeting this week of City Council’s Transportation & Planning Committee, Assistant City Manager Ann Wall provided a brief update to council members regarding the ongoing city-county review of the building permitting and inspection process. The review is being conducted by the consulting firm Gartner & Associates, and preliminary findings are likely to be released later this week.

According to Wall, those findings will include the following:

    There exists a lack of coordination between the City Government and the County Government.A misalignment exists in terms of customer expectations. The City and County need to do a better job of setting expectations.The current City/County development/building process is complicated.Current technology between the City and County is not integrated and this presents numerous challenges.Inconsistency between plan review and inspection is a major problem.

Once the initial report is released, staff plans to hold a work session later this month to determine next steps. The entire process of the review including the presentation of a final report will likely be at the end of December or in early January.

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