Cornelius Town Board Adopts Land Use Plan Update

Following several public hearings, the Cornelius Town Board of Commissioners last week unanimously approved an update to its Land Use Plan.  The vote came following months of work by the Town’s Planning Board, Planning Director Wayne Herron, and outside consultant Clarion & Associates.  This was the first such revision made to the plan since 1999.  Some key elements that were adopted include:

    A new medium density category that supports single family uses only, no multi-family.  This new category has been applied to the north side of Bailey Road.The proposed density for the Low-Density Rural category has been changed from a two-acre minimum lot size to a three-acre minimum lot size.Reducing the size of the Waterfront Mixed Use district along West Catawba Avenue, and returning the Cashion property at U.S. 21 and Washam Potts Road to Medium Density Residential.Along Bailey Road, including Medium Density near the schools and parks and further added some Low Density Single Family just below the High School.The area along Mayes Road and Highway 73 is recommended to be Low Density Single Family.Allowing for increased residential densities in the geography east of NC 115, where 5-acre minimum lot sizes are now required.

You can download the final version of the Land Use Plan HERE. The map is available for download HERE.

If you have any questions about the plan please feel free to contact Rob Nanfelt with REBIC.


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