Cornelius Establishes Pre-Development Review Process

The Town of Cornelius has established a Pre-Development Review Committee (PDRC) to provide developers an opportunity to receive feedback from Town leaders prior to filing conditional zoning applications.

The PDRC will be comprised of two Town Board Members, a Planning Board Member, an Architectural Review Board Member, a Parks, Arts, Recreation, and Culture Commission Member, the Town Manger, and the Planning Director.

Developers are NOT required to submit their projects for review by the committee, but the Town encourages use of the meeting as a way to help the applicant avoid impediments during the rezoning process. There is no cost for the developer to meet with the PDRC.

Cornelius Planning Director Wayne Herron says it is his goal “to save applicants time and money with regard to revisions and plan review and hopefully move projects faster through the process. By knowing and understanding the Town’s concerns going into the application process, it hopefully ensures an expedited review and approval by eliminating the unknowns that may come up at a Board meeting down the road.”

The Town Board of Commissioners approved creation of the PDRC last month by a vote of 5-0. For more information on the committee, contact Wayne Herron at (704) 892-6031, ext. 11.


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