City of Rock Hill Holding Monday Work Session on Impact Fees

Earlier this week, the City of Rock Hill held a work session on impact fees.  City staff briefed the City Council on a plan to phase in a two-year increase on fire, water, and wastewater impact fees beginning in July of 2017.  Under the proposal, the fire fee for single-family residential would be increased by 50% with multi-family seeing a 27% hike.  Combined water and wastewater fees would go up by at least 140%.  Developments with larger meter sizes could see as much as a four fold increase.  Additional details may be found in the presentation (City of Rock Hill Impact Fees Proposal).

The City originally passed its impact fee ordinance in 2003 and has not made any changes to the fee schedule since enactment.  Staff said the increases are necessary in order to meet the needs of a growing population.

The City Council has invited interested parties from the building and development industry to provide feedback at a meeting scheduled for 12:00 pm on Monday, August 29th, at Rock Hill Operations Center, 757 South Anderson Road in Rock Hill.  If you have or plan operations in the Rock Hill area you are strongly urged to attend.  A City Council Workshop has been scheduled for 12:00 pm on September 8th at Rock Hill City Hall, Room 373, 155 Johnston Street in Rock Hill.  At that meeting, Council plans to discuss the proposal further and may make adjustments based on the comments it receives.  REBIC will continue to monitor the situation as the process unfolds.

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