Charlotte Planning Director Outlines New Direction for UDO Process

Speaking to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission today, Charlotte Planning Director Taiwo Jaiyeoba described a new direction for the yearlong process of drafting a Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) for the City of Charlotte.

With the UDO process struggling to gain support from members of City Council, Jaiyeoba said he would like to shift the focus away from the Place Types concept to the creation of long-range comprehensive plan, while also finishing the development of a new TOD ordinance.

Jaiyeoba says no final decisions have been made on the direction of the UDO, but told Planning Commission members he’ll be bringing multiple options to Council on how to proceed. Some commissioners expressed disappointment they weren’t consulted about the new focus, and argued they should be more involved in deciding what the next steps should be.

‘We need to move from being a project-driven city to a vision-driven city,’ Jaiyeoba told the Commission. He said Charlotte was the only major North Carolina city without a current comprehensive plan, and argued that a community vision was needed before the UDO could move forward in any substantive fashion.

Jaiyeoba says he will recommend the UDO process proceed on three distinct tracks:

    The development of a Comprehensive Plan and community vision;The completion of a new TOD ordinance, which he says will go to Council toward the end of 2017; and,Identifying opportunities to streamline development regulations.

REBIC will continue to engage in the UDO process and advocate for the interests of our members.

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