Charlotte City Staff Requests Go Ahead From Council to Revise Locational Policy

At a recent meeting of City Council’s Housing & Neighborhood Development Committee, Housing Services Manager Pam Wideman briefed members on recommended changes to the Housing Locational Policy, which has been in place since the late 1980s.

Revised most recently in 2011, the Housing Locational Policy provides a guide for the location of new, rehabilitated, or converted subsidized multi-family developments designed to serve households earning 60% or less of the Area Median Income (AMI).  The objectives of the policy are to:

    Geographically disperse subsidized multi-family housing developments;Support the City’s neighborhood revitalization efforts and other public development initiatives;Promote diversity and vitality of neighborhoods; andAvoid undue concentration of subsidized multi-family housing developments.

REBIC believes the policy has inhibited the City from reaching its affordable housing goals, and will be a major impediment to achieving its ambitious pledge of creating 5,000 units of workforce and affordable units in the next three years.

Moving forward, with the Council’s approval, staff intends to revise the policy to:

    Evaluate future proposed developments based on the current quality of life and updated geography; andCombine the broader review of the Housing Locational Policy and Community Engagement Strategy into the development of a Comprehensive Housing Plan.

Staff will bring a more defined set of revisions to the committee at a future meeting.

Click to view the Housing Locational Policy Presentation made to the committee last week.

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