Centralina COG Begins Regional Blueprinting Process

The Centralina COG recently held the first meeting of a regional consortium of business and community representatives charged with designing a regional Blueprint for growth and development. The CONNECT Consortium was just awarded a $4.9 million HUD grant to fund a 3-year study of everything from housing and employment growth to environmental issues and infrastructure development. The aim is to create several alternative scenarios for regional growth that can then be used by local governments to guide their planning efforts. None of the resulting policies would be mandatory, but they can help establish a framework for economic development in Mecklenburg and the surrounding counties.

As a member of the CONNECT Consortium, REBIC submitted a letter to HUD in support of the grant application, and looks forward to participating in the creation of the Regional Blueprint. We believe it’s CRITICAL for the real estate and business communities to be engaged in this process, which will help create policies to guide regional growth and development. We’ll keep you posted on all upcoming meetings of the consortium, and strongly encourage any interested members to attend!

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