CDOT Seeking Input on Driveway Manual Update

The Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) is in the process of updating its Driveway Regulations to reflect current City Council policies that relate to street design and land use.The goal of the update is to provide regulations that:

    Provide a better balance of predictability and flexibility;Provide context-based guidance relative to the Centers Corridors and Wedges Growth Framework and the Urban Street Design Guidelines;Incorporate the use of hyperlinks to reference other applicable manuals, policies, and standards

​The scope and applicability of the proposed regulations is largely unchanged from the current manual; however additional guidance is provided for:

    ADA compliance,Driveway spacing near traffic signals,Driveway requirements for schools, andUrban infill sites

The first draft of the new manual is now available for review, and CDOT has also created a handy Comment Submittal Form to make it extremely convenient to provide feedback on the proposed changes.  You can e-mail the completed form to Dennis Rorie, CDOT Land Development Manager, at [email protected]

CDOT anticipates two rounds of public review, with an anticipated completion by May. This process could be extended if the department receive feedback that requires significant time and public engagement to properly address.

REBIC strongly encourages all professional engineers to review the proposed Driveway Manual revisions and provide feedback to CDOT as soon as possible!

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