Cabarrus County Commission to Consider Fee Proposals at July 29th Meeting

Last night at the Cabarrus County work session, Planning & Development Director Kelly Sifford discussed the Proposed Fee Increases on planning, zoning and building inspection fees.

During the presentation, Kelly did provide an overview of the several meetings held with REBIC, the Cabarrus Chapter of the Greater Charlotte HBA and the building community. REBIC proposed at those meetings that the Planning Department and building community continue these conversations quarterly, which they have agreed to. The first of these quarterly meetings will be announced shortly.

Kelly also responded to some of the requests from builders including the addition of a temporary power permit for residential building. Overall, the Planning Department was pleased with the feedback from both REBIC and the HBA. As another result of these meetings, some technology issues came to light that they were unaware of, which will be the focus of the first of the quarterly meeting between staff and builders.

County Commission Chairman Steve Morris praised staff and REBIC for their ability to work together and be innovative without being restrictive. Vice Chair Diane Morris also praised staff for being so responsive to the building community.

The County Commission is scheduled to vote to adopt the proposed fee schedule at the July 29th meeting.

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