2011 NC Electrical Code Now in Effect

Per a notice sent out by the Department of Insurance (DOI) this week, the 2011 edition of the NC Electrical Code went into effect per state law on Tuesday, July 3, at the close of the 2012 Legislative session. This code was approved by the Building Code Council and the Office of Administrative Hearing, and intended to go into effect on September 1, 2011. The effective date was delayed to allow for legislative review, but no bill was introduced during the 2012 session to address the code. So, in accordance with state law, the new code took effect when the General Assembly adjourned.

Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement Director Jim Bartl says his department will handle the transition in the following manner:

     All permits issued on or before July 10, 2012 will be allowed to be constructed per the 2008 NC Electrical Code.Projects that were in commercial plan review, or had conducted and recorded a formal preliminary plan review on or before July 10, 2012 will be allowed to continue under the 2008 NC Electrical Code, provided they gain issuance of their permit on or before September 30, 2012. (Note, recorded means having submitted preliminary review meeting notes to the Department)All other permits issued after July 10, 2012, are required to comply with the new NC Electrical Code.

Bartl says he believes DOI should have allowed for a transition period of at least a few months on the new Electrical Code. But Robert Privott, Director of Codes and Construction for the North Carolina Home Builders Association (NCHBA), says he believes the delayed enforcement from last September has given builders, engineers and local code departments sufficient time to get up to speed on the changes.

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