City of Concord Defers Action on Sewer Capacity Fee

The Concord City Council held a public hearing last week on a proposal to adopt a System Development Fee for future sewer capacity needs, but ultimately decided to defer action until later this year.

The fee proposal was part of a recently released System Development Fee Report produced for the City by an outside consultant, in response to the passage last year by the General Assembly of S.L. 2017-138, the ‘Public Water and Sewer System Development Fee Act.’ This law authorizes local governments to adopt system development fees for public water and sewer systems within certain parameters, to ensure fees are tied to an Capital Improvements Plan and do not charge new development in excess of the revenue required to meet new demand.

During last Thursday’s hearing, members of the City Council received comments regarding potential impacts should the fee be adopted.  Following the presentation and public comment, Council Member Terry Crawford, who represents District 5, made a motion to table the discussion until budgetary impacts could be better understood. REBIC will continue to monitor this issue as it moves through the process.

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